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Rebel Raiser is the official crowdfunding site for faculty, staff, and student projects at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Similar to other crowdfunding sites like Kickstarter and Go Fund Me, Rebel Raiser allows on campus groups to tap into their online networks to raise money for research, travel, scholarships, and other exceptional programs at UNLV.

We will no longer be accepting Rebel Raiser applications at this time in respects to UNLV's largest crowdfunding event, Rebels Give.  

In order for your project to be successful, you will need to be able to clearly articulate the need for funding, build a dedicated team of people who will be champions for the project, and identify a “crowd” of people in the community to share it with.  

This application will be used to evaluate your project's suitability for crowdfunding on Rebel Raiser. Be specific in your answers and provide as much information as possible. Groups seeking funds for specific University projects are eligible to use Rebel Raiser pending application review and final project approval by the UNLV Foundation. Projects must be in accordance with the mission and values of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, must directly support the University, and cannot support a third party or external charity.

All eligible student groups must be registered student organizations and registered NSHE Suppliers.

If you are interested in fundraising with Rebel Raiser, please complete the application to start the intake process. We will follow up with you directly within 5 business days.

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