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March 12, 2018

Hello, we are sorry we haven't gotten back to do an update in a while but we have an exciting announcement!!!!


Last Monday, we received our order of two chudaiko from Mr. Toshi Kato of Kato Taiko and we are so ecstatic! Very soon we will be in the process of creating stands for our new drums so we can practice. perform at gigs and concerts, and soon a performance at the Intercollegiate Taiko Invitational in May at University of California Riverside!


We would like to thank Mr. Toshi Kato for making these two beautiful drums for us, we are so excited to play on chudaiko that we can call our own! We would also like to thank those at Rebel Raiser who helped us and guided us throughout the entire fundraising process. And lastly, we would like to thank YOU, all of you wonderful and gracious donors who have helped us achieve this goal, without the graciousness of your donation and unending support, this would not have been possible. 


We are also working on the perks, we apologize for the delay, we have recently received the money and will be working on them and sending them as soon as we can! We will send another update when they are on their way!


Lastly, if you were not able to attend our concert, "Revolutions" in December, and have not seen it yet, follow this link to the full concert,


Again, we cannot thank you enough for your generosity and your support!!


UNLV Rebel Taiko Experiment

Our 2nd Annual Winter Concert, "Revolutions"

December 17, 2017

Hello and Happy Holidays,

Again, we thank you so much for your generous donation. It is thanks to you that we are in the planning process of purchasing equipment. The equipment we plan to purchase is two chu, one shime, and some narimono.


We were also able to put on our Second Annual Winter Concert, "Revolutions," Friday, December 8th. The concert went great! We overfilled the theatre we performed in, gave it our all and then some, and performed six songs in total. The six songs we performed were all original songs written by members of the group!  The video of our concert will be up on YouTube soon, and we will let you know when that is.


If you donated enough for a perk, we are working on them and we will send them out as soon as possible and will keep you updated!


We will keep you updated on our video coming up, perk updates, and upcoming events.  Again, a HUGE thank you from all of us at UNLV Rebel Taiko Experiment, and Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year!



48% of the way there!

November 28, 2017


We are so thankful for how far we have come in this Rebel Raiser. We cannot begin to express our appreciation to all of those who have donated and those who have helped us spread the word. We made it about halfway there but we are not done yet! There is about 18 hours left! 


Once again, we are beyond thankful for everyone who has helped us along our taiko journey. 


We have our annual concert coming up next month, December 8th and time 7:30 at Paul Harris Theatre at UNLV. We hope to see everyone there! It is going to be a great concert and we wouldn't be able to put it on without all of this unending support


Thank you so much!

-Jessi, Grady and Kyle

29% of the way there!

November 19, 2017

Wow, thank you so much! We are 29% of the way there, and we still have 9 days left so let's keep spreading the word so we can reach our goal! Thank you for everyone's support we appreciate it greatly! Our concert is quickly approaching too so we hope we can reach our goal!

15 Days Left!

November 13, 2017

A HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who has donated and shared our page and links. We have been working hard and we can't thank everyone enough for all you do! We only have 15 more days!


We have been busy as well, here we are at the JDRF One Walk to hopefully one day, live in a world WITHOUT Type I Diabetes. We had a great time playing and Raising Awareness of Type I Diabetes. Maybe in the future, Type I will be Type NONE.



Our way
of Thanking You



Hontōni? ! (Really? !) Your gift makes a difference. We have practiced many hours to be better performers and this experience is our reward for the hard work. Knowing you're making our dreams come true is your reward. We thank you!

6 of Unlimited Claimed
Estimated Delivery: January 2018


Bachi (Drumsticks)

Majide? ! (Seriously? !) Two and a half times the thank you for helping us realize this opportunity!

5 of Unlimited Claimed
Estimated Delivery: January 2018


Atarigane / Chappa

Sugoine! (Amazing!) Thank you! A gift this level deserves something special. For your generosity, you will receive a limited edition RTE key chain!

4 of Unlimited Claimed
Estimated Delivery: January 2018



Masaka! (Are you kidding!) A gift at this level means that we are able to purchase musical instruments other than taiko so that you may experience a variety of sounds within our ensemble. Our thank you includes a limited edition RTE key chain and a signed thank you picture from all of us.

5 of Unlimited Claimed
Estimated Delivery: January 2018


Naname / Beta Stand

Shinji-ra nai (I can not believe it!) You are a devoted fan! As a thank you we will send you a limited edition RTE key chain, signed thank you picture, and a decorative mug!

1 of Unlimited Claimed
Estimated Delivery: January 2018


Shime Daiko

Honki desu ka? (Are you serious?) We truly want to thank you as our gift includes a limited edition RTE key chain, signed thank you picture, and a decorative miniature shime daiko!

1 of Unlimited Claimed
Estimated Delivery: January 2018


Katsugi Okedo

Subarashii! (I am amazed!) To express our gratitude you will receive a personal video performance by all the performers from Rebel Taiko Experiment! We will also send you a decorative miniature chu daiko to show our appreciation, thank you so much!

0 of Unlimited Claimed
Estimated Delivery: January 2018


Nagado Daiko

Nani? ! (What? !) Thank you for showing us you care! Your donation will help us to continue to recruit members, provide good instruction, and cover the costs of equipment for the members of our group. A key chain alone will not do as your contribution shows us that you deserve something personal through a local performance just for you!

0 of Unlimited Claimed
Estimated Delivery: January 2018



Uso! (That's a lie!) You have earned our undying gratitude plus two local performances just for you! You will also get special recognition in our programs, as well as a Rebel Taiko Experiment T-shirt, thank you so much!

0 of Unlimited Claimed
Estimated Delivery: January 2018
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