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Celebrate the Lee Business School's 50th

Celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Lee Business School

Celebrate the Lee Business School's 50th

Lee Business School is Turning 50!

In honor of this momentous milestone, the Lee family of alumni, students, faculty, and staff are coming together to unite around a common purpose - to harness the power of its community and build Lee's capacity to cultivate leaders who transform business

Our mission is also our ethos: we cultivate leaders who transform business.  While our teaching is the most evident means through which we accomplish this mission, our research and service are also foundational to our ability to foster such transformational change.  Through our teaching, research, and service we transform the lives of our students and the communities we serve—Las Vegas, the state of Nevada, and the world.

Spread the word about our year-long give 50 for 50 effort to support students at Lee Business School!

How you can participate:

Lee Business School currently boasts over 21,000 graduates, if everyone contributed $50 that would be over $1 Million for Lee Students.

You can move the needle for Lee Business School by making a gift today. We hope that you'll give as generously as you can, but every gift matters and every donor makes a difference. 

It is your support that will make the Lee 50th Anniversary campaign a success. Post about the challenge with the hashtag  #give50for50. Supporters of the campaign are encouraged to talk to us on social media through @lbsunlvFacebook or LinkedIn. Use your personal social media to write posts that encourage your peers to join you in cultivating leaders who transform business. Encourage your peers to help cultivate our future business leaders and support Lee Business School: Call, email, or tag 10 classmates or colleagues, and invite them to join you in making a contribution. 

Your Impact

In addition to changing the lives of current Lee students, your contribution also enhances the value of your degree. U.S. News and World Report use alumni participation as a method of ranking universities, and the higher the ranking the more valuable your degree. 

If you have questions, need more information, or would like to take an active volunteer role in your campaign

Contact Melissa Coetzee at or 702 895 1286

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