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Help send RebelSat-1 to Space!

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Help fund Nevada's first launched satellite that students will build!

The goal of this project is to ultimately grow the space program at UNLV. This will expand the engineering education at UNLV by promoting new fields of study. With your help, we can help achieve all this and make our dream possible. Help us Go Beyond!  Visit our website at or send us an email at

WHAT IS IT? A CubeSat is a small satellite that can do very specific purposes at a very low cost (~$40,000). Nevada’s first satellite, RebelSat-1, is planning to test a cold gas thruster with a spike nozzle (aerospike). Spike nozzles are known to have amazing efficiency in vacuum or space environments, and it can bring a whole new way for small satellites to maneuver in-orbit. Cold gas thrusters are extremely common in rockets, satellites, and other space crafts. They are inherently safe to use due to no combustion, but spike nozzles are yet to prove their use in space applications. RebelSat-1 seeks to start investigating this theory.

WHY? CubeSats are fundamental to every university space program, and in order to grow UNLV's space program, RebelSat-1 will help start it up! After RebelSat-1, we plan to launch RebelSat-2 and RebelSat-3 years down the road! 

WHO ARE WE? We have over 30 students from different majors ranging from mechanical engineering to accounting working together on the research and development of RebelSat-1. We formed this student organization similar to real engineering companies to provide the best experience possible for students. Not only this gives students real-world experience, but it also allows students to work on something completely new and unique to the State of Nevada.

THE TIMELINE - We started engineering and development in August 2020. The goal is to launch Spring 2023. When the launch date arrives we will have successfully built a custom CubeSat chassis to hold our components, a ground station to communicate with not only our satellite, but other satellites, and even the International Space Station! 

"I am excited to utilize the engineering design skills I have acquired through my education to do meaningful work on a rocket engine that may one day operate in space!" - Drew (Payload Lead)

“I am the most excited about being a part of something much bigger than myself: playing a direct role in the advancement of space technology and taking on a position of building and designing a satellite that might deploy in low earth orbit. My learning experience in ME 240 Into to SOLIDWORKS has inspired me to apply my techniques to this project and make significant contributions to the project with the intention of designing and assembling the satellite components.” - Petar (Manufacturing Lead)

“I think one of the most exciting things for me about this project is that I get to apply concepts that I just learned this semester from my heat transfer class to the thermal simulations that I'm working on for the CubeSat. Plus, it's not every day you get to work on a project that has the chance of getting launched into space!” - Keane (Mechanical Lead)

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A gift at this level will help supply our tools and hardware for the satellite such as screwdrivers, nuts, and bolts!

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Estimated Delivery: April 2021



A gift at this level helps cover 3D-printed prototyping of our structure and chassis!

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Estimated Delivery: April 2021


Karman Line!

A generous gift at this level allows us to test our satellite to NASA's Space Environmental standards using vibration tables and thermal vacuum chambers!

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Estimated Delivery: April 2021


Low Earth Orbit!

A gift at this level allows us to purchase components that are radiation-hardened so that they can survive in the harsh conditions of space! Gifts at this level may also receive a t-shirt and recognition on our website as a "Bronze Sponsor!" (FMV $25)

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Estimated Delivery: April 2021


Medium Earth Orbit!

A gift at this level allows us to purchase more components for our satellite such as magnetorquers, which will allow us to control the rotation of our satellite! Gifts at this level may also receive a t-shirt and recognition on our website as a "Silver Sponsor!" (FMV $25)

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Estimated Delivery: April 2021


To The Moon!

Your donation goes far beyond Earth! Generous gifts at this level will allow us to further complete our satellite and help establish space engineering and design at UNLV! Gifts at this level may also receive a t-shirt, a meeting with the team and recognition on our website as a "Gold Sponsor" (FMV $25)

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Estimated Delivery: April 2021
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