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DECA International Career Development Conference 2024

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UNLV Collegiate DECA is requesting your support for a cause that is incredibly important to Collegiate DECA as a whole. From April 19th to April 24th of this year, we have the incredible opportunity to participate in the nationwide International Career Development Conference!

This conference serves as a platform for students like us to showcase our skills, network with industry professionals, and gain invaluable experience that will shape our future careers.

UNLV DECA proudly represents Nevada as the only collegiate association from our state. Since 2013, we have had 25 International Finalists who placed in the Top 10 of their category, with 6 winners in 3rd place, 4 winners in 2nd place, and 2 winners in 1st place! Our presence at this conference not only highlights the talent and dedication of our members but also shines a spotlight on the excellence of Nevada's academic community. 

However, participating in this conference comes with its financial challenges. We are proud of our strong fundraising efforts this school year in raising funds for this national event (such as the Asian Night Market, in which you can see the video). However, we are still in need of your support. By contributing to our campaign, you can alleviate the financial burden for our dedicated members. Your generosity will directly support motivated ICDC competitors, enabling them to unlock their fullest potential and proudly represent UNLV DECA and Nevada.

Thank you for considering supporting our journey to the International Career Development Conference. Your support means the world to us and will have a lasting impact on the lives and futures of our members!


UNLV Collegiate DECA Officer Team 2023 - 2024

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